Warm Apple Ginger Juice

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Warm Apple Ginger Juice for morning detox and perfect for those who don’t have the time to enjoy fruits.

Sharing this delicious recipe with you all. Apple and ginger seems to be a great combination and I recommend you try it. I had this in a real fruits juice shop in yokohama and I fell in love with it so had to give it a try at home. It feels so soothing and refreshing and can lift up the moods quickly … ginger is known for its cleansing properties and finds its way into any detox diet and I love the way it tastes with the sweetness of the apple. This is also a no sugar recipe so drink it up without any guilt.


  • Peel and dice one apple into small chunks and blend it into a juice by adding water as required.
  • Add 4-5 tbsp of ginger syrup I used the one from @kaldicoffeefarm but you can use fresh peeled ginger about 2 coins or add more if you like it.
  • blend once and then simmer it on a pot until nice and warm. Enjoy right away …
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