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Hello ! Welcome to soulsome cooking, a digital space to share my love for food and my kitchen experiments …

A little bit about me..

I’m Divya bharathi, a former HR Manager, I became a full-time mother and food blogger in 2014. When I’m not spending time with my family, I love writing about the adventures in my kitchen and living a healthy and an soul some life on social media !

So when did my food journey begin ? Growing up, I remember watching more cooking shows than cartoons. I started collecting my favorite recipes at age 20 and wrote them down in a blue book, which is still a priced possession of mine.

Although, I never really was a serious cook until I got married, I have watched my some fantastic cooks in my family and learnt her tips and style of cooking.

As a proud South Indian living in Japan, I enjoy to share my rich culture through my recipes to people I know here through cooking class private and group lessons. Book me for a lesson.

I truly enjoy the satisfaction in perfecting a recipe and sharing with the world through social media and here on soulsome cooking. Hey, do say hi to me on my instagram page. SOULSOMECOOKING INSTAGRAM

I also enjoy cooking recipes from around the globe to understand complex taste and texture preferences and intertwined in cultures. So soulsomecooking is a space where you will find Indian and inspired global recipes with a soulsome twist to it.

I truly believe anything that is cooked with love and with complete attention is soulsome and will taste great and hence I named my blog soulsomecooking. I assure you can find that charm in every recipe here.


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  1. You truly do mouth watering dishes, the pictures posted on the dishes are fabulous and iam sure they are supdelicious !! Make, Eat, Love !! 👍🙏

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