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Soulsome cooking

Soulsome Cooking – About me

Hello !!  I am Divyabharathi

I come from Chennai (Madras), a busy coastal city in  south of India and I currently live in Japan, yes from land of filter coffee to land of my favourite Ramen !

Where I come from food is served as a note of love.  As a culture in India, we enjoy serving tasty home cooked meals to our friends and family and take great pride in it. In Tamil language it is called  “virundhombal” meaning hospitality though food to guests who come home to visit us.

Soulsome cooking. Divya bharathi

where the love for food started,

with an Engineering degree and a successful corporate life for 7 years, I never really thought I would have a blog of my own that too in cooking !!!

Growing up I think I remember watching more cooking shows than cartoons. I used to write down recipe in a blue book, even though my mom never allowed me to cook in her kitchen. Living in Japan I understood that cooking was more than a just a skill to me. I started enjoying and trying different recipes. Perfecting recipes and noting it down gave me an immense satisfaction. My husband being a food lover enjoys good meal and i found it fun and exciting to try new recipes and serve him the best version of a recipe.

soulsome cooking. Divya bharathi.

Also cooking to entertain my guests were a starting point, I always wanted to serve great food that everyone is happy after a meal, slowly I started enjoying cooking more and more and i realised that food is actually one of my love languages. Time to time I would grab every little opportunity to share a bit of my Indian culture to my lovely Japanese friends I made here.

Soulsome cooking® is a space I find my calm and here you will find the best version of a recipe as I see or taste it. My own creative experiments with food and also traditional recipes of family that needs to be preserved.

Soulsome cooking. Divya bharathi

I truly believe anything that is cooked with love and with complete attention is soul some and hence it will taste great ! I will try to keep that charm in every post of mine on this blog and I hope you feel it too !

and thanks for dropping in 🙂

If you want to share your recipes with me, do send me an email with the recipe and a picture. I will be happy to try them 🙂

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  1. You truly do mouth watering dishes, the pictures posted on the dishes are fabulous and iam sure they are supdelicious !! Make, Eat, Love !! 👍🙏

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