Hello ! Welcome to soulsome cooking, a digital space to share my love for food and my kitchen experiments …

A little bit about me

I’m Divya bharathi, previously a Human Resource Manager, I became a full-time mother and food blogger in 2014. When I’m not spending time with my kid and husband, I love writing about the adventures in my kitchen and living a healthy and organized life on social media !

Growing up, I remember watching more cooking shows than cartoons. I started collecting my favorite recipes at age 20 and wrote them down in a blue book, which is still a priced possession of mine.

Although, I never really was a serious cook until I got married, I have watched my mom and learnt her tips and style of cooking and also from other passionate home cooks I have come across till date.

As a proud South Indian living in Japan, I enjoy to share my rich culture through my recipes to people I know here through cooking class private and group lessons. Book me for a lesson.

Soulsome cooking is a space where you will find Indian and inspired global recipes with a soulsome twist to it.

I truly believe anything that is cooked with love and with complete attention is soul some and will taste great and hence named my blog soulsomecooking. I assure you can find that charm in every recipe in this space.

I truly enjoy the satisfaction in perfecting a recipe and sharing to the world through social media and here on soulsome cooking.

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Tandoori Nachos

Tandoori Nachos is my Indian take on popular TEX-mex appetizer using spicy and flavorsome Tandoori chicken layered between crispy Nachos and cheese sauce, topped with …
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tomato kara chutney. Thakkali kara chutney. Thakkali karam. tomato karam for dosa. how to make tomato kara chutney. Kara chutney. Tiffin chutney. easy chutney recipe. spicy chutney recipe. how to make tomato chutney. chutney for travel. lunch box recipes.

Tomato Kara Chutney

This tomato kara chutney or train chutney brings nostalgia for me. I remember this in almost all tiffin box which was packed in a hurry …
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Millet Sambar sadham. How to make millet sambar sadham. Barnyard millet recipe. Barnyard millet sambar sadham. Millet recipes indian. kuthiravali sambar sadham. Weightloss recipes indian. South Indian meal inspo. Healthy Sambar sadham recipe

Millet Sambar Sadham

Millet sambar sadham is a creamy lentil and millet porridge recipe loaded with vegetable and flavored by special sambar masala. Millet sambar sadham has been …
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  1. You truly do mouth watering dishes, the pictures posted on the dishes are fabulous and iam sure they are supdelicious !! Make, Eat, Love !! 👍🙏

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