Sago Halwa ( Javvarisi Halwa)

Javvarisi Halwa

Sago halwa or Javvarisi Halwa is a simple Indian sweet made out of sago pearls / sabudhana / Javvarisi.

If you are looking for a quick indian sweet recipe then, this is a good suggestion for you. In terms of making time, but sure does a little planning. I love Javvarisi/ sago because of its texture. I often make appam, kushboo idli, Javvarisi Upma / Sabudhana kichidi ( with step by step pictures) with it.

This recipe is an accidental one, I had soaked the Javvarisi to make upma for the next day, but the plans changed in the morning and I had lot of soaked sago pearls so decided to make this halwa. I was really happy with the outcome and shared it in my instagram. Many have tried it and approved it too.

Now lets see how to make this recipe.

Step By step Pictorial for making this Halwa

Cook the sago / Javvarisi / Sabudhana with water and a pinch of salt until glossy and transparent. Next, add sugar and food color and let the sugar melt in.

sago Halwa Javvarisi Halwa sago Halwa Javvarisi Halwa

Add ghee, roasted or plain broken cashews , cardamom powder,

voila, your sago halwa / Javvarisi Halwa is ready.

sago Halwa Javvarisi Halwa

Rating: 4 out of 5.
How to Make it
  • First, wash and soak 1 cup of Sago or Javvarisi or tapioca pearls for 6-7 hours or over night
  • Second, take a non stick pan and add the 1/2 cup of water and some salt and the soaked sago pearls.
  • Third, cook in in medium flame and you’ll start to see the sago pearls starts to turn transparent.
  • Fourth, add sugar to the sago pearls and also add some food colour (Kesari colour)
  • Fifth, mix it well you’ll see the sugar will melt and the halwa will look thinner now
  • Sixth, next, add a tbsp of ghee stir continuously and you’ll start to see the halwa comes rolling off the pan
  • And Then, add the powdered cardamom / pounded cardamom and broken cashews ( you can roast the cashews in ghee and add it)
  • Lastly, mix it all in and it should be done by now all the pearls glassy and sweet. Ready To eat.

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