Multigrain ladoo / Millet ladoo / Indian bliss ball

Healthy Millet ladoo

Feeding our body with healthy foods can be hard sometimes. I am busy too many a times during the day i realise being a home maker, a blogger my personal me time is sometimes forgotten. When i mean me time it is the small ways i need to take care of myself such as eating right, exercising, self care etc. Always eating right is my priority as food is my favorite topic. I happened to discover this recipe and i am so proud of myself. So it all started when my son was obsessed with a Indian cartoon character called chotoa beam. The little fellow in he series eats ladoos , which are nothing but indian bliss balls and gets his energy to fight the wrong. Kind of popeye and the spinach story here. So he started asking me to make him ladoos. I make peanut ladoos or green gram ladoos. But one day when i was running out of peanuts and when he has asked me for some laddoos, i had the idea of using a box of Manna health mix. Ever since these laddoos are so loved by my son and me. When i dont find time in the morning to eat something before i head out to run the million errands (oh such days exists too !) it comes very handy. I have a few laddoos and a glass of milk and i am good to go.
What i like best about this ladoo is this ready mix has many millets and grains which on a daily basis we may not have the chance to consume. Check out the recipe i am sure youll like it.
Cook Time15 mins
Course: Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: 15 minute recipes, bliss balls, healthy kids recipe, healthy recipes, multigrain
Servings: 25 ladoos
Author: Divyabharathi


  • pan
  • Spatula


  • 2-3 tbsp ghee
  • 1 cup Manna health Mix flour.
  • 180 ml water adjust accordingly


  • In a pan add 1/2 of the ghee mentioned in the ingredients, once its hot, add a cup of manna health mix or your home made millet mix or sathumavu. Toast the powder in medium flame until it gets aromatic., add little more ghee and continue to toast it on the pan.
  • Mean while boil some water on the side. We will be adding this water to the millet mix.
  • Add powdered jaggary or cane sugar or any healthy sweetener of your choice.
  • Mix it all well and once the sugar is evenly mixed. Measure a glass of hot water and gently add it to the pan. It will bubble and sizzle. Quickly mix in the water and cook the powder in low flame. Until all the flour is mixed in and comes together like a dough. Press it down slightly to the pan with a spatula so its cooked and mixes evenly.
  • Now quickly transfer the dough to a plate and keep some ghee on the side to make the laddoo balls.
  • Take a small amount of dough. If its for adults bigger size would be fine. For kids I prefer keeping the kite side small. Gently press it down with your thumb as shown in the picture. Once softened and smoothened by the fingers. Apply a bit of ghee on your palm and roll the laddoos to a smooth ball.
  • Repeat for all the laddoos. Super Fuggy, healthy treat is ready to eat.


I love to eat it sometimes when I am hungry and gulp a glass of milk when I am pressed for time. They are very nutritious snacks for kids. Perfect for after school snacks. I even keep it in Eshaans lunch box sometimes as a treat. Dont add too much water or too little. Adding too much water will make it into porridge and too little will make it into a very crumby dough and difficult to hold together.
Also make the laddoos quickly as soon as you transfer from the pan while its Hot. Because once it cools down its hard to shape it.
You can use home made multigrain powder or sathumavu powder too ! 

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