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Hi I am Divya bharathi (friends call me DB),

I am from Chennai (Madras), a busy coastal city in  south of India. Where I come from food is served as a note of love. As a culture in India, we enjoy serving tasty home cooked meals to our friends and family and take great pride in it. In Tamil language  it is called  “virundhombal” meaning hospitality though food to guests who come home to visit us. I totally enjoy cooking for my family and friends. It gives me  great joy and fulfillment, when I see those happy faces and busy mouths, when I serve my food.

Some personal stuff about me !

I have an Engineering degree and MBA in Human Resources. I enjoyed successful corporate life for 7 years. After I had my son, Eshaan I decided to be a stay at home mom to fully enjoy my time with him. I currently live in Japan. where home cooking became essential for survival in Japan. Although I enjoy Ramen, sushi and the other Japanese foods, Eating out on every day basis wasn’t healthy choice for my family, and there are days we need to eat what we ate growing up to feel home right??.  So I began to take cooking seriously. Always trying to perfect my recipes after many trials when I had a good recipe I would quickly note it down in my blue book (that’s been my recipe book for years now). Some days I cooked to beat my boredom and some days to keep my only job interesting and slowly started enjoying cooking as it turnout to be a way of sharing my love to my family and sharing a bit of my culture to my lovely Japanese friends.

Soulsome cooking will be a space where I can share my food journey, my thoughts on food choices. I want to share simple, easy and relatable recipes that are tested by me. I truly believe that if we cook anything with love and with complete attention it will taste great ! I will try to keep that charm in every post of mine on this blog and I hope you feel it too !







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  1. Chidamchidambareswaran says:

    The truth and just the truth 🙂

  2. myrainboworld says:

    All the best for this new venture of yours Divs 🙂 Happy cooking and posting 🙂


    1. Thanks nandini

  3. Hari Prasad M Jagannathan says:

    Congrats DB

  4. Heber Stephen says:

    You truly do mouth watering dishes, the pictures posted on the dishes are fabulous and iam sure they are supdelicious !! Make, Eat, Love !! 👍🙏

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